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Upcoming Open House

February 12th, will be our monthly Open House. Many exciting changes have been made to the gallery, we welcome you to stop by and say hello!

First Open House of 2015

Every second Thursday of the month, an open house is hosted at the gallery from 5 PM to 7PM. Our first open house of 2015 will be on January 8th and we are looking forward to welcoming new guests, celebrating the New Year, and making connections in the right direction for 2015.


Open House Photo

This week Thursday (12/11) marks our first Open House of the season at Journeyman Photography Gallery. From 5pm to 7pm guests are welcomed to stop in to see our gallery and meet the artist and staff.

Big Cypress Celebrates 40 Years of Preservation

“Forty years ago, on October 11, 1974, President Gerald Ford signed the bill establishing Big Cypress National Preserve as the first national preserve in the National Park System.” The National Park System, this month took time to recognize this establishment and all of its wonders preserved in Florida for almost a half century. Many works at Journeyman Photography Gallery have been shot in the Cypress Preserve, therefore we take the time out to celebrate this accomplishment as well.

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