About Journeyman Photography Gallery

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The Journeyman Photography Gallery, Fine Art – Decor – Design,  opens your eyes and senses, displaying authentic vivid landscapes, beachscapes, cityscapes, and nature scenes from more than 65 countries. Featuring photography by Josh Manring, the gallery spotlights Southwest Florida, USA, Europe, Africa, S.E. Asia and Latin America. The 2,000 sq. ft. gallery, with soaring 20 ft. ceilings, offers art on various contemporary ready-to-hang panels including: aluminum, wood, acrylic, canvas, murals and traditional prints. In addition to the evolving photo exhibits, visitors will encounter unique gifts such as Josh’s photography books, affordable prints and photography services. The gallery also hosts the CAPTIVATED Image Film Presentations, monthly open houses, workshops, private instruction, and private excursions.


The Journeyman Gallery opened in 2005 as a venue that hosted emerging local and international artists’ exhibits, group collaborations, music concerts, cultural events, and yoga.  One of Josh’s closest friends, Seth, gave Josh the nickname “Journeyman”, which became the gallery’s name.  After four years of cultivating the gallery, the “Journeyman” name lived to be more prophetic than Josh could have envisioned.  His growing photographic and travel passions superceded the business confines of the gallery’s four walls.  From 2009– 2011 the gallery existed only as an on-line art gallery .  Josh re-established the gallery in 2012, and baptized it the Journeyman Photography Gallery exclusively representing his photographic portfolio.